How to enable AVICODE TRACE

收集方式 :


· The configuration file C:\Program Files\AVIcode\Intercept\Agent\v5.7.491\Configuration\Standard\PMonitor.config


· Open "PMonitor.config" and enable tracelog:

· <ss:traceLog name="logs\\traceplog.txt" enable="true"/>

1. Search for "outLog" string: <ss:outLog name="logs\\outplog.xml" enable="false"/>

2. Set enable to "true"

3. Search for "traceLog" string: <ss:traceLog name="logs\\traceplog.txt" enable="false"/>

4. Set enable to "true"


Save file, close it, restart your application and reproduce the issue.

By default trace will be collected in C:\Program Files\AVIcode\Intercept\Agent\v5.7.491\Logs