Windows 2003/Schedule Task failed to start randomly


Issue: Schedule Task failed to start randomly


Cause: There is a Domain Policy defined for “Logon as batch job”, this settings will overwrite all local account’s right.

Repro Step:

1. Create a Schedule Task using local administrator account and password

2. Test run these tasks


3. Define “Logon as batch job” at domain level


4. Run gpupdate /force at Server 2003

5. Once we did apply this policy from Domain, try to run task, it will failed


       Failed with “could not start”



· Include the default administrator account at “Logon as batch job” policy



Log on as a batch job

In Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, and Windows Server 2003, the Task Scheduler automatically grants this right as necessary. The Task Scheduler injects this right for the user into the computer's effective policy immediately after the task is scheduled. If there is a contradictory group policy defining the Logon as a batch job user right, the effective policy settings will be overwritten by the group policy only upon policy refresh.