Image Resizer for Vista (and XP) - Just a right click away from Explorer.

You can download the resizer here.

I don't know about you, but I am sorely missing the XP toy for image resizing. Windows XP had its power-toys, but Vista does not. And while some functionality has been baked into the shell, explorer right-click has not. On top of that, a feature I have been wanting for a while was also missing from the Power Toys (Copy Picture to clipboard).

Because of that, I created an Image Resizer app that is tailored to what I need.. For the purpose of this post, I shall use my daughter in the capacity of a lolcat.


Right-clicking on an image (or a group of images) will bring up an extra two options - "Copy Picture" and "Prish Resizer". Selecting the Resizer option will bring up a dialog:


The options should be self-explaining, but if they are not:

Place files in a folder called Resized: This will create a folder called resize in the location of the image and create the resized one in that folder.

Add to the name of the file: Will add the image resize option to the name of the image.

Overwrite the files: Will delete the original image and replace it with the resized one. Since this is a dangerous option, you need to specify that you really want to overwrite files (at the bottom).

Other: Allows you to specify a folder to place the files in.

The size options (1024 pixels, 800 pixels) etc regard the longest dimension of your image. So, resizing two images with the sizes of 2592x1944 and 1944x2492 will resize them to 1024x768 and 768x1024 respectively.

Clicking the Resize button will go over all the images and resize them.


The second option allows you to copy the image directly from explorer to the clipboard:



This way, you can copy & paste directly from explorer w/o having to go through file menus of your application.