It’s been a while… Welcome Windows Live Embedding!

This has been a long time coming. But I finally have something new for you guys. It has been all over the news/twitter/blogs by now, but one of the new features we added is the ability to embed Excel workbooks in your blogs/sites. There’s a pretty straightforward explanation about this here:

Embedding Excel Web App in your own web page or blog

One of the interesting bits is that you can change the settings of what is shown by the viewer – whether it should show a specific item (range/chart etc) or if it should scroll to a specific location in the workbook etc. These options are pretty simple, but I thought it would be usful to create a simple helper that will let you pick the features you want and will build the customization string for you:

All you have to do, is fill the orange cells and copy the appropriate string to your IFRAME embed code. Enjoy!