Contribute Your Review the EASY Way!

I've gotten some feedback saying that some people would like to have their review posted on this blog but don't want to go through the process of registering to be an official MSDN blogger. Well ... I hear and I obey!

I give you options:

Option 1:

If you just want to get your review posted without registering, just send it directly to me: I'll post it and put your name on it, just as I did for Jeff James and Gary Eimerman (

Option 2:

If you'd like the opportunity to blog about your experience with Microsoft Server and Tools products whenever you like, and if you want to develop a reputation as a blogger, then follow the steps to register (

We're all very excited about learning what you think about any version STB products that you use. Tell us what you think about Windows Azure, Windows Server, SQL Server, System Center, or any STB product. We can handle the truth! And your fellow technical professionals will thank you for your help.

Come on! I'm waiting!