My Top Ten features of Windows Server 2012

NOTE from Karen: This blog is meant to provide a place where you, Microsoft's customers, can discuss your experiences with Server and Tools products. John Savill is a Microsoft employee, and I've asked him to conribute here for several reasons. First, I've known John for probably 10 years, when he was an IT guy and not affiliated with Microsoft. He was the brains behind a very well known FAQ site (, which is now part of Windows IT Pro. Second, I'm hoping that John's top ten features will inspire you to respond with your own thoughts on top features or--even better--review features you've been working with. And please feel free to submit videos, as John has.

In the video below I walk through what I think are the top ten features of Windows Server 2012 based on my own experiences and the interest level of customers when I discuss the new server operating system. I hope you enjoy it and would love your feedback on features you feel should or shouldn't be in the top ten!

The video can be viewed at