Doing Secure FTP with BizTalk Server 2004

Early last year I received a call from one of our customers who was wondering if we could do Secure FTP using BizTalk Server 2004. We certainly don’t have a “native adapter” for Secure FTP (we have the general FTP adapter) so I suggested trialing the BizTalk 2004 Secure FTP Adapter from /n Software. (


  • Support for SSH Version 2.0
  • Security features include strong 3DES encryption, message integrity checking, secure secret key exchange
  • Secure Shell Public-Key Authentication
  • Advanced SOCKS firewall & proxy support.
  • Fully integrated with BizTalk Server’s Visual Studio .NET environment at design-time

In December, I received some very positive feedback from the customer with respect to their trial and usage of the Secure FTP adapter. In  particular he commented how professional and helpful the help desk was and he would certainly recommend /n software to other customers.

My post is to firstly sincerely thank the customer for the feedback and appreciate that he took time (of his own) to document the feedback and share it with me. Thanks a million. This also helps the overall BTS community. Secondly, it is always great to feedback positive experiences that can be leveraged by other customers…

So if you have a Secure FTP requirement…. you know where to go :-)