It's time to join the blogging crew!

Well, it has certainly taken some more than gentle persuasion from some of my friends, working colleagues and BizTalk community here in Australia.... ;-) but I thought it's time to get with the program and join the merry blogging crew (hey only a couple of years late)! It's also timely that I'm able to start this blog at the same time that we have announced the Beta 1 for BizTalk Server 2006 (codenamed: Pathfinder) being readily available to the community. So who is we? Yes, for those of you who don't know me I do work for Microsoft in Australia. I am based in Melbourne, although I am a national resource, and I'm a Senior Technology Specialist in Microsoft's BPI (Business Process and Integration) division. BPI for Microsoft means BizTalk, Commerce Server and Host Integration Server. What else do you really need? I hear that there are also these products that we make called Windows or Office, but I think they're just there to support the real Trojan workers like BizTalk ;-)

Why have I decided to actually finally start a blog? There is such great information that gets shared through the blogging communities, and I tell all of my partners and customers that you should go and check out blog x or blog z but never really started one myself. I keep getting to spend time with really clever people in the community (and MS) who have great ideas that really should be shared. To date, I've kind of shared this info sporadically. Not any more! Over the last couple of years I have tried to help people connect together in the BizTalk world, particularly here in Australia. This local BizTalk community was started 5-6 years ago (although small) by one of my good friends and ex MS colleagues Cameron Reilly who now has decided to venture into his own world domination exploits!. There are other guys in MS like my good friend Dave Lemphers in the evangelist team who has actually been the person who finally put enough pressure on me (OK lest call it motivation!) to start this blog. Others like BizTalk Bill Chesnut and Mick Badran are also great advocates of the community and get heavily involved. So guys I'm finally onboard!

So welcome to my blogging journey. Let me know if it helps your working lives in any way! I am actually off to the US this week for our yearly MS internal event called TechReady so I'll have plenty to post while I am over there and when I get back! Signing off my first post (phew the relief is astonishing ;-) )