Microsoft Soccer at Australian Corporate Games 2006

A couple of weeks ago, we competed in the 2006 Australian Corporate Games held in Melbourne.  I submitted a Microsoft outdoor soccer team, given that the Soccer boy (or football boy) in me has never quite disappeared from when I was a kid! Lets just say, we had an absolute blast!

This year, the Australian Corporate Games had 10,500 competitors across 20 different sports!! With soccer, 123 teams entered!!! So given that many teams, what they do is on a Saturday they play a pool style tournament where you are in pool teams of 4. You play 3 games on the Saturday (15 min halves) and the winner of the pool goes onto Saturday in a seeded elimination tournament!

This is the first year we have ever played... so how did we go??!! We got through Saturday! We won our pool but we were eliminated on Sunday in the round of 32. So we were pretty pleased with ourselves (and for the record we were beaten by the team that came 3rd overall!). Anyway, I don't usually write too many personal posts on this blog, but I had to since we had so much fun!! See you on the pitch in 2007! Be there - if you dare ;-)

The boys....