New role for me in Microsoft Australia....

I've taken on a new role within Microsoft Australia.... It's called an Application Platform Solution Specialist. So what does that mean? You're guess is as good as mine.... Just kidding ;-)

Essentially, I am now responsible to help customer, partner and ISV (Independent Software Vendors) land to realise the value of the Application Platform stack ;-) ! To Microsoft, the Application Platform Stack translates to a variety of technologies, but mainly, BizTalk, SQL, .NET Platform, Identity Information Server, Commerce Server and more..... It is essentially the software stack that drives 5 main capability areas,

1. Data Management

2. SOA and Business Process

3. Business Intelligence

4. User Experience

5. Development


For customers, that means anything other than DESKTOP :-)


My *main* focus area will still be around SOA and Business Process - and ensuring that BizTalk still lives a wonderful world in the land of OZ! This builds on the heritage of my BizTalk Technical Specialist Role at MS, although I never was quite *that technical* as guys like Mick Badran, Bill Chesnut, Dave McGhee and Mark Burch and so on....

That BizTalk technical domain has been taken over by my awesome colleague in Sydney - Rahul Garg - the new (and much cleverer) National BizTalk Technology Specialist.

So stayed tuned.. for a bigger and broader (Application Platform) blog..... !