Released! BizTalk Server Load Generation Tool

So.... ever wanted to load test your BizTalk Servers? Well wait no more! Scott Woodgate posted the fact that the BTS team just released thier Loadgen tool - and we can all use it to our hearts content :-) Here's the summary from Scott's post;

"We finally released the BizTalk Server 2004 Loadgen tool.  Lots of folks want to put load on their BizTalk Servers and I couldn't count the number of people who continue to write single-threaded load generation applications and wonder why we don't perform (its because you aren't putting enough simultaneous load into us by serializing the input at the client end).  Enough of that, let's give you a copy of the loadgen tool that we use internally for testing so you can use the same thing. The loadgen tool can exercise a variety of adapters, has an extensible framework for you to add your own, xml configuration and is generally pretty cool.  As I said we use it for all kind of internal performance testing and now you can get access to it right here"

Hmmm, so what have I got on for the rest of the week? Looks like Load gen tool might get a gurnsey now. Of course, let us know what you think.