Mmmm. ZDNet, Slashdot, and Digg, all in one morning.

FWIW, Mom, if you're listening, I didn't mean you're a BAD canonical example - just that you'd rather your computer work than have me install the latest and greatest version of our browser (ANY web browser, actually, for all the smartasses who are going to suggest that I just install FF or Opera).

CmdrTaco, I did NOT "insist IE7 is standards compliant" - in fact, I would insist that neither IE nor any other browser today is "compliant" with the CSS 2.1 standard.  I disagreed with the assessment that we have only made web developers' lives 2% better, not with a statement that we didn't comply with the CSS spec.  I did not say "IE7 will [...] be standards compliant" - yes, I'd hope that every change we did in IE7 brought us closer to full compliance, but I'm not (as someone else suggested) on acid, and I do realize we've got a BIT more to go before we're done.