A few of my favorite things

Went to see Shrek 2 with Neil.  This was the second I was seeing the movie, but it was well worth it.  Like the first this one was filled with humor both subtle and outrageous.  I always love it when a movie pays homage to others, and this had lots.  The picture of Stonehenge with spinal taps' characters in it was priceless, as was Fiona catching her wedding ring on her finger a la Fellowship of the Ring.  But the best part of the whole movie for me was when Shrek gets mauled by Puss.  Puss gets under his shirt and you see a bulge under Shrek's shirt while he gasps and clutches his chest in pain.  Seconds later Puss thrusts through his shirt in a recreation from that unforgettable scene in Alien where Kane dies violently when a chest burster blasts out of him during dinner.

fun and happy! equals Gruesome and bloody!

The Alien saga has had a huge impact on my life.  When I was 6 my uncle took me to see Aliens (yes he really is that cool).  While I have trouble remembering the sheer terror i went through at that movie, I do remember latching onto my uncles arm and refusing to let go, eventually giving him black and blue bruises up and down his arm.  For months after that I saw aliens lurkign in the shadows everywhere and i had trouble sleeping at nights and i had to have hte lights turned on all the time.  Of course, i soon overcome those little fears and became the well adjusted guy I am today.  NO seriously.  I'm not scared of the dark anymore... (much).

He was also responsible for letting me see Trainspotting and Terminator 2 (while telling my parents we were going to see Bill&Ted's Bogus Journey).  Too cool for words.