A plea to anyone out there that speaks hungarian!

The Seattle International Film Festival is going on right now and it's been playing some really interesting stuff.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get tickets for either Ghost in the Shell 2, or Hero.  Oh well.  However, there's an interesting movie being played called Mix (the tag line is: “Fast-paced action is accented by a deep-house/worldbeat/ambient soundtrack in this story of love, family drama and porn”!!).  However, I'm wary of the movie given the low IMDB rating.  However, when I looked at the breakdown for the IMDB rating I saw something off. The mean/median are a 7.6 and an 8. However, the weighted avereage is a 3.7. Unfortunately IMDB won't explain how they come up with the weighted average.

I went looking for information on this movie, but unfortunately all the sites are in hungarian (and I only speak java!). So I need help from someone who can read hungarian or who has seen the movie to tell me if it's actually good or not!