Beermaker beermaker make me a beer!

Got to spend some wonderful hours this weekend at the Seattle International Beer Festival. $20 got you in the door with a nice little glass (which Moon threw away guh!) that you could take around to try out all different type of beers from all over the world. My favorites, in no particular order, was:

- Orval. A trappist. Yummm.

Celebrator. Yummmmmm.
  • Czechvar. Yum.
  • Morimoto Imperial Pilsner. Yummm.
  • Monkfish. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm.
  • Detonator. Yum.
  • Frambozenbier. Yum.

There were also some more fruity beers like the lindeman's framboise and peche. They were refreshing and helped in between the other beers, but I wouldn't want to drink a whole one. Pretty much all the good beers were european and local from washington or oregon. England had nothing good to offer whatsoever. Although it might have been the rather unattractive servers from those tables. Of course... as the afternoon progressed it certainly seemed like the overall attractiveness raised remarkably.

It was a very fun day, and I'll definitely be going back next year to partake in the merry festivities.