C# Team Is Hiring!

The Visual C# Team currently has open positions for the Visual C# IDE, C# Compiler and Visual Studio Debugger teams.

The Visual C# IDE team is responsible for the entire user experience
when you're editing C# code.  We handle everything from the
background analysis (see! not analyzation!) service which determines
the meaning of your code, to IntelliSense, to EnC, to Refactoring, to
feeding the debugger with language specific information.  If
you're interacting with C# code in the editor, then it's probably
us.  We also feed external services like the CodeModel which teams
like VSTS use to provide Unit Testing support as well as visualizers
like the Class Designer.

The C# Compiler team is responsible for implementing well... the C#
compiler.  They also provide the Expression Evaluator (used during
debugging), and also implement a lot of the support for EnC and
Refactoring as well.

The Visual Studio Debugger team provides all the debugging services for
all Language teams (C#, C++, VB and J#, as well as your own if you so
chose), and handle being able to debug native versus managed code,
local versus remote, and all the crazy stuff that happens when you
debug a webservice and you cross from an ASP.Net web server into a SQL
stored proc on some other machine.  They do all the work for
making the back end debugger work, and they own all the ways that
debugging is visualized as well (auto's windows, breakpoints,
callstacks, etc.).

They're all very cool teams, but i'm biased and i think the IDE team is the coolest.  :)

Our generic qualifications look for:

Solid design, development, and testing
skills. Experience shipping secure, high quality software through all
phases of the product cycle. The ideal candidate will have 3 or more
years of experience developing compilers, developer tools, database
engines and debuggers as well as experience with C++, CLR, C#, and SQL.
A BS or MS degree in Computer Science or a related technical field is

But really, if you're interested in this job, then you have to have a
love of writing code and helping others write code.  If you use an
IDE and are never satisfied because you know it can be made better,
then that's a good start.  If you think coding is a joy, and part
of that joy comes from your tools and you working together to bring the
ideas in your head to life, well that's the minimum we ask of :)

If you like really tough problems, extreme schedules, stiff competition
across the entire industry, as well as working with an insanely smart
bunch of people.  Then let us know.  Send us your resume at

I hope to hear from you!


PS: Knowledge of PowerPoint and Sadism required.