Crashing in cslangsvc.dll

On a whim i did a search in Google to see what it would find for cslangsvc.dll.  I was just trying it out to see how well it did with filename searches since it used to be in the past that Search sites would usually split that into "cslangsvc" and "dll" and then present you with far too many unhelpful links to random dlls.  Google gave great results, but ended up depressing me since the first page is full of links to pages with titles like "crashing in cslangsvc.dll all the time",  "Crashing on close".  "crashing when doing a find",  "crashing when VS stays up for a while".  Yikes.  :-(

This is why i definitely think that development of VS needs to slow down a lot.  We should ramp up on just stabalization and testing, and we should not be doing things that will introduce regressions that could cause pain like this to customers.  If we do that and also respond to anything unexpected that comes through watson then i think we'll be able to get out a version of VC# that is much higher quality than ever before.  Then when i do a search for cslangsvc.dll two years after this release i hope that the only hits i'll find are the same ones i'm finding now.