Damn slacking developers

It's amazing how little the developers work around here.  All i see around me are people making excuses in order to get out of a little work.

Take Shon for example.  Never gets anything done.  What's his excuse this time? “I have a baby.”  Well boohoo.  What about his other baby, the C# compiler?? 

Then there's Biliana.  Leaving to go to some other country for a few weeks.  She wants to spend time with family, or something equally unimportant.  Doesn't she realize that we're her family now? 

Finally, there's Rami.  He wanted to get out of work so badly he switched to another team.  Sure he'd been with this team for 5 years (longer than I've ever spent at anything in my life), but anyone unwilling to put in at least 10 years toward this product... well, they're just not a team player.

Well, I hope the powers that be are paying attention and realizing who does the real work around here.