Deep thoughts; by Cyrus Nudgemybody

So i've become a little depressed lately with the changes that one of my favorite radio stations C89.5 is going through.  They used to be fantastic trance, house and just plain good dance station. (and, of course, by fantastic I mean they played music I really like).  They seem to be transitioning into a newer style with top40+rap thrown in.  I can already get those on other stations, but i could never find what C89.5 played elsewhere.  They still have some of the best scheduled music events like “House Arrest“ and “Nocturnal Transmission“ (ßamazing!! ), but they've now added to their line-up “Bizarre Love Thursday“ (6-8 am on, you guessed it, thursdays).  It made my skin this morning.  BLT is a collections of 80s dance hits... *shudder*... it makes me glad that I was still in embryonic form back then if that's the music they had to listen to.   However, I did learn something new (can you learn something old?), I started hearing the chords and synth sounds come in for No Doubt's “It's my life“ and I was like “Well that certainly didn't come out in the 80s, so WTF, did they just rip off that tune?“ soon followed by the realization that no... the entire song is a cover, and the original (by Talk Talk) is actually quite excellent.  Ah well, i guess the 80s weren't that bad then.

In other news, I must say, Seattle smells great this morning.  Personally I think there are two reasons for this.  First off, it looks like it might have rained, so everything has that fresh wet smell to it.  Second, my apartment reeks of yeast because a friend crashing here is making sour dough bread.  You have no idea how wonderful the world smells after living in those conditions.  My respect for bread-bakers has gone up immensely.

Now I'm off to work on binding generic methods.  If I'm allowed to I'm going to see if I can talk about a snag I hit yesterday related to immutable objects and infinite loops and how I got around some problems.  I'd like to see other people might have gone about solving the problems and seeing if the constraints I was placing on the system were more harmful than helpful.