Did you get the memo?

Apperantly I didn't.  I'm guessing there was some memo that went around saying something similar:

Hey, heads up, fyi, attention, achtung: Labor day (contrary to its name) is not a day of labor, but is in fact a day of vacation.  Enjoy yourselves and don't feel the need to come in on monday.

Of course, I'm always missing important tidbits of information like that so here I am.  I came in early today so i just figured there was no one here because of that, but when 10 am rolled around and there was still *no one* here I kinda noticed that something was amiss (I'm quick that way).  Well hopefully some VP will have to come in today to pick something up and will notice me sitting here, realize how committed I am to this company and *whoosh* up the ladder I will go.