Do what I mean, not what I say.

So I've been p1mping C# Express pretty actively after the announcements a while back. Part of that involved telling you about the new LadyBug system and how it would be amazingly helpful if people who take the betas, hammer on them and then report back to us with bugs you find or suggestions you have.  Obviously you took what I said at face value as I now have a large number of bugs on my plate that were opened by the community.  What you didn't realize was that I didn't really mean what I said.  You were just supposed to look at the product and the web sites and go “Hey!  That's cool!” and then promptly forget about it; or “I don't need to file that bug, I'm sure someone must know about it”.  But nooooo, you decided to actually go through with all of this.  Ugh... I was planning a nice vacation to Cancun and now that's going to be put on hold. 

Sure it looks good that we're making the community much more involved in this process, but I would have preferred a more apathetic response from you guys.  next time try to think about the consequences of your actions and act a little more responsibly will you!