It's been a long day. Spent all day long writing up my yearly review (man it's difficult). I then was stuck in traffic for 90 minutes while I went to two stores to buy ingredients for dinner, then cooked up some Persion food for some friends who came over to dinner.

I spent the last hour responding to posts from they day (which i hadn't responded to because I was focussed on the review). I was looking back over my responses and I realized that I was kind of short with my responses and my grammar skills seem to have taken a serious nose dive.

I'm sorry about that. It's just what happens after you've spent way too much time trying to analyse the past year and figure out how you feel about it. If you think my answer makes no sense, or I missed one of your points, or you were unhappy with it, let me know. I'll make sure to give you guys the fair response that deserve after having been awesome enough to give me all this amazing feedback.

Anyways, I know better now. Never enter a land war in Asia. I mean... er... realize that rushing something is a really bad idea, especially when exhausted.