My Commitments

So following in my boss' stead of posting his commitments, i thought i'd do the same.  Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. reinvent value-added markets
  2. brand e-business technologies
  3. benchmark value-added content
  4. optimize one-to-many infrastructures
  5. enable innovative niches
  6. integrate real-time mindshare
  7. aggregate collaborative content
  8. repurpose transparent platforms
  9. reinvent visionary solutions
  10. visualize end-to-end initiatives

And, above all

  1. Point people to the Web Econmomy Bullsh*t Genarator

I'm sure you'll find it useful in some way in the work you do!  I sure have as my commitments for the next five years have all been written after only five minutes.  (that's a 100,000 fold performance improvent!  Clearly an example of "optimizing dynamic solutions" if i do say so myself.