New feature decided on for Visual C# 2005

Well, based on the overwhelming feedback I got from the question I posed earlier, I think it's safe to say that one feature will have to be added to C# 2005 before we ship.

Specifically: Haikus. There just aren't enough Haikus in C#. Haikus would serve two purposes. The first would be to help inspire you and allow your mind to raise to the occasion to solve your current problem. Or they could be very contextual to help out with whatever you're working on at the moment. TuedaysComing suggested the first one to add to help you out when you forget part of your for loop

infinite spiral
your code descends to madness
change value of i 

Based on what happened to me today I came up with:


how is that the right default?!
i hate C++!!

unable to work
while the linker contemplates
i twiddle my thumbs

buffer overrun
'twas an innocent mistake
viruses abound

In order to make this work we'd probably want to start with a large corpus and also connect to feed so that you're always getting original haikus delivered. I'm going to work more on it but there's a definite limit to my imagination (i think i already strained something doing this). Anyone want to help with this?