New Pad

Sorry for the lack of updates.  I just bought a new place for myself and i've been too busy moving and focusing on work to get into anything else.  I finally decided that redmond was not for me, and that i needed to go down to seattle which i *love*.  I got myself a great condo in Capitol Hill, and my awesome Mom and Sister helped me move in over the last two weeks.  I'm finally all settled and the place feels just like home to me now.  I made a little panoramic shot of my view from my rooftop deck which i wanted to show here.  I snipped it in two since it would be too long to show as just a single shot.  I tried doing a night shot, but without a tripod my hand were too unsteady with the longer exposure to get good shots (ah screw it.  I posted it anyways!).





Buying a place of your own feels good (almost as good as watching sunsets from a view like this) :)