Run Silent, Run Deep

Some people have commented about the paucity of blog posts recently.  It's largely due to the fact that I went on vacation, my parents came to visit me and we're now in serious crunch mode trying to shut down C# for VS2005.  Most of us devs have moved into a sheltered mode similar to the Surgical Team discussed in The Mythical Man-Month.  We're trying to just fix the bugs and get the features totally solid.  To do that we're depending on a lot of the managers, QA and our other peers to help shoulder a lot of work so that we can stay focussed.  Meetings are rarer and oft-declined, emails are automatically responded to at a pretty slow pace, and we postpone more and more work for later as the bar gets higher and higher for beta2.

Normally I like to try out new and interesting ways to make the C# experience better for everyone, but now I'm not even getting the time to do that (bummer).  There have been so many good suggestions mentioned here, inside MS, and on ladybug that I want to try out but for now it will have to wait. 

I'll try to update you all when things get better around here.  In the meantime just know we're not slacking and we're really trying to get VS2k5 awesome and ready to ship ASAP. :-)