Schizophrenic Seattle

Ok.  So i wish seattle would just make up it's mind and switch to Summer weather already.  It was freesing three days ago, then we had a massive hail storm, followed by a gorgeously sunny day, and now drizzly non-stop rain.  Of course, it was great weather to see the opening of Sin City with.  Nothing like leaving the theater at 3 AM and coming outside to a completely slick black night with nothing but reflections from the surrounding lights. 

For the last two years it's been frigging gorgeous right now and, damnit, what's going on now?  Winter sucked (for skiiers), and now spring is sucking.  If we have some sort of intensely hot summer or something bizarro like that i am going to be pissed.

Anyways, off to bed now.


Oh, and in the small chance that you cared:


I was worried that the comic wouldn't translate to the screen.  But it blew me away, while staying incredibly faithful to pretty much the entire comic.  The only difference seemed to be... well... that it was live action instead of just printed to the page.  A+ for me.