SF/JavaOne, Day 1.5-2

SF, Day 1.5

Walked around the city last night to try and get a feeling for my
general surroundings.  Got lost several times, but was always able
to find my way back since my hotel is plainly visible from just about
everywhere.  Walked from 2nd to 6th, Bryant to CA, and then
realized "damn... i'm hungry, i haven't eaten at all today". 
Found a "meh" sushi place and a much better bar, and then crashed at
the hotel.



SF, Day 2

An unexpected event!  There's a gay pride celebration going on
right now in the city of SF (who would have imagined!).  So i
spent the morning watching the Dykes on Bikes go by, and then watched
way too many guys go by who look better as girls than a lot of the
girls i know.  (i know, i know... girls, it's just not fair that
some men should have legs like that, but hey... that's life).  Now
I'm at the Netbeans Thingamabob, and i'm sitting in the audience
waiting for it to start.  I was supposed to register, but the line
was too appallingly long to fathom waiting to get through it.  Of
course, i take this as a tribute to Netbeans that it's commanded such
popularity.  I certainly loved it when i used to use it, and
apperantly a whole lot of other people do to.  Of course, i'm not
suprised about the backlog of people waiting to register.  Nothing
more expected than a bunch of programmers being unable to handle a
scheduling problem .

I'm also unable to get wireless access here.  Yeah!  Should
be a crime right?  If i did have online access i'd tell you i was
in the MegaTokyo tshirt,(phe4r my l33t n3kk1d sk1llz!!!) sitting in the
second row, second from teh middle on the left. Oh well.  :)