The future of the C# language

PDC is coming up soon, and the session list has been posted.

One thing i wanted to point out was the abstract for a session that the C# team will be giving on version 3.0 of the language:

C#: Future Directions in Language Innovation from Anders Hejlsberg

Join Anders Hejlsberg, Distinguished Engineer and chief architect of the C# language, for an in-depth walkthrough of the new language features in C# 3.0. Understand how features like extension methods, lambda expressions, type inference, and anonymous types make it possible to create powerful APIs for expressing queries and interacting with objects, XML, and databases in a strongly typed, natural way.

Session Level(s): 300

Track(s): Tools & Languages

I'm trying my best to get to go to PDC, but after the JavaOne oppurtunity i don't know if i'll have time to do another round of conferences.  But do really want to see your reaction to what we've been thinking about and if you'll like it or not.

Of course, i can't really delve in deep into any of this, but after (or during) PDC i'll be sure to cover all the interesting stuff that's listed above like:

  1. Extension methods
  2. Lambda expressions
  3. Type inference and implicit types
  4. Anonymous types, (no, not anonymous inner classes).
  5. Expression Trees (my favorite)

Other's like Matt will probably cover the above *and* the interesting subjects of XML and DB interaction.

These might seem like a lot of changes, but i think everyone will see how they build so naturally on C# 2.0.  Who knows... will C# become a language that draws me away from OCaml?  It just might.

I'm excited.  Are you? :-)