Watching one of my favorite episodes of The West Wing

Neil (begin lisp (an awesome MS intern (who always gets to work on amazing projects (lucky bastard)))) has been letting me watch his season 2 DVDs of The West Wing. My favorite episode 'Noel' is on right now. It's an amazing episode and i've loved it every time i see it. Why? There are many reasons, but primarily i think it's because of the amazing way that music and story were mixed together. I love the cello, yo-yo ma, and Bach's G Major, and the combination of all 3 as a backdrop to the story was done brilliantly.

It's not the first time I've seen music so well integrated. The other time in the show was the season finale when the president's daughter was kidnapped. In that case the music used was Massive Attack's "Angel". Perfect for the 'rave' backdrop where she gets kidnapped and rising and falling perfectly with the tensions of all the characters involved. I can't imagine either episode being as good or as powerful without

This isn't something I've seen on other television shows (albeit I don't watch much TV), are there other shows that have done this? Were they better, as good, or worse? I could extend this out to movies as well, but it's definitely more common there.