How to change EDT and propagate this to AIF XML Schema (XSD).

Sometimes you have to change parameter of Extended data type which are also used by AIF. For example number of decimal digits etc. When you change this settings just in Dynamics AX AOT and save it, still you will have old values in generated XSD, that means any inbound message will be validated against old EDT settings.

In that case you have to perform following steps:

  1. Change EDT properties
  2. Clear row of table AifSchemaStore for service which is using that EDT (for example AxdSalesOrder)
  3. Clear row (ex. SalesOrder) in table AidDocumentSchemaTable
  4. Clean AIF Service folder (if you have it – Web Service)
  5. Click Generate in AIF Services
  6. Browse Endpoints Data Action policy enable/disable something of mentioned service
  7. View Schema in Endpoint for service operation (ex. SalesSalesOrderService.create)

Karel F