Important notice! It's time for me to go now....

I will be leaving Microsoft on September 30. This has nothing to do with Microsoft, and I wish I was able to stay on board as I love my role at Microsoft. However I have a family issue which will not allow me to continue in my position at Microsoft.

But I'm still here - in fact this change might allow me to be a bit more flexible in how I can work with the community. I will still be speaking at developer conferences and working with user groups, just as an external person. I'm still "here" to say - so if you are planning an event feel free to contact me. In fact, now I am not restricted to just the MEA region, and can now more easily visit Western Europe, CEE, Russia, and Asia. I just returned from TechEd Asia in Malaysia and would love to return again.

I will also continue to blog and in fact I should be producing more articles as I am quite a bit behind on writing. I plan to increase my magazine articles as well and I want to start producing web casts, but specialized web casts that are compatible with low bandwidth connections in the region, so stay tuned!

Finally to those I had started working with in the academic space: Don't worry - academicsĀ is something that is important to me and I plan to expand my work in this area.

Since I will no longer have access to this blog, please update all your RSS feeds and so on to use my personal tech blog. All my blogs can be found at