TechEd 2006 Europe - What do YOU want to see?

I am the track owner for the Base Framework Track at TechEd 2006 Europe. What does this mean? Well basically that I get to choose the sessions for this track. Before you get excited and send me submissions – each track only has 15 to 20 slots. The Base Framework track is likely to only have about 15. In June we will start considering speakers. But that is not what I am blogging about today.

Whether or not you can attend TechEd 2006 Europe, I would like to know what YOU would like to see in this track. Here is a description of the track:

Base Framework
The Base Framework track at Tech Ed 2006 Europe covers topics related to the FCL and CLR, including ADO.NET, TCP and protocols, Threading, XML, DLINQ, XLINQ, and more. The Base Framework track focuses on many of the "under the cover" technologies and includes many deep dive technical sessions targeted at developers who want or need a deeper understanding of the lower level classes.

There are other things that are included in the base framework as well, however they have been placed in other tracks to be consistent. For example, my track has DLINQ and XLINQ, but not LINQ. LINQ is part of the language track. WCF, WPF and others could be considered base framework as well. However they belong to the Communications and Desktop tracks. All this is subject to change of course, but this is where we are at today.

So? What do YOU want to see in the Base Framework Track? Use the comment feature and tell me. I am only in the very early stages of planning, but here are my initial thoughts for a few topics. These are not session titles, merely topics that I think should be covered in some fashion:

  • Code signing and assembly security
  • Security in code – i.e. what developers need to do for security
  • Performance