Changing your VSTS Test Projects defaults

The other day while I was writing some code (yeah, I still do that occasionally) and added a Test Project to my solution, I thought it was odd that although I was writing my solution in C#, the default Test Project is always VB? So I poked around the Options setting within VSTS and found that there’s a Test Tools section for custom settings, and one of the settings underneath it is Test Project.


The first option setting is the Default test project language. I don’t recall ever setting a default, but it was set to VB. So you can change it from VB to C# to even C++ if you’d like.

Now for the items within the Test Project, you can set which items you want a new test project to include by default. If you’re new to VSTS’s Test Projects, I can understand the need to include the About Test Projects introduction file, Manual Test Word format file, and a Unit Test file. But after you’ve used Test Projects for any length of time, you probably don’t want to include the About Test Project and Manual Test files anymore. In the settings for each type of Test Project, just uncheck the items you don’t want (and mark the ones you do), and now every time you create a new Test Project in your solution, you’ll only get the items you want. Why I didn’t think about checking for these settings sooner is beyond me, but I’m glad I did.


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