First DBPro Power Tools now available!

On Saturday, August 11, the DBPro team release their first set of Power Tools. When you look at the list of features in this release, you'd swear they released a whole new version of the product. Gert Draper's blog provides a breakdown of all the features in this release. 

The Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals first Power Tools release can be downloaded from the following location:

Power Tools download:

The Power Tools require that you have Service Release 1 installed, which you can download from the following location:

Service Release 1 download:

With this Power Tool release, you should not expect to see these features in Visual Studio 2008 when it ships. Visual Studio 2008 is a small superset of Version 1.0 and SP1. But you should expect to see an updated set of DBPro Power Tools sometime after VS2008 ships.