Microsoft Acquires Teamprise technology

Today, November 9, 2009, we announced that we’re acquiring Teamprise. Teamprise is both the name of the a company as well as technology that allows non-Visual Studio developers to connect to Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS).

As a software developer, there are time when you need to use a development environment other than Visual Studio to write code (I know…I’m just as surprised as you are). In some cases, that development environment is Eclipse. Rather than having different source controls for .NET code as well as non .NET Code, Teamprise allowed you access TFS three different ways: through an Eclipse plug-in, the Teamprise Explorer, or through a command-line interface.

These different access methods also can be used on non-Windows operating systems. In other words, if you’re using the MacOS or Linux, you can access TFS as if you running on Windows from within Visual Studio.


Details of the acquisition are available on Microsoft PressPass. For more information about Teamprise itself, click here. To learn more about the transition that happening, check out this link.


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