SQL Server 2008 is RTM!

Today, we announced the release to manufacturing (RTM) of SQL Server 2008. This is fairly substantial release of our data management and business intelligence platform. If you ask of our SQL Technology Specialists about what's new and improved in SQL Server 2008 over 2005, there are A TON of new features from server policy management to geospatial data type to performance scalability improvements, and the list goes on. I've sat in several demos where they showed an eye-chart slide of all the new features going into the product. And a lot of them are new, not just "if you didn't notice them in SQL 2005, they're new to you" type features. (I hate it when we say its new and yet it existed in a previous version and we're just highlighting it again).

For information, check out the SQL Server 2008 web site. FWIW: SQL Server 2008 also got a new logo.


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