SQL Server 2008 SP1 is available

I’ve been a bit out of touch with the announcements of this week. So in case you haven’t heard, SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 (SP1) was made available on Tuesday (April 7).

So in addition to it including all of the released hot fixes and minor updates for SQL 2008, it also adds:

  • Slipstream – You are now able to integrate the base installation with service packs (or Hotfixes) and install in a single step.
  • Service Pack Uninstall – You are now able to uninstall only the Service Pack (without removing the whole instance)
  • Report Builder 2.0 Click Once capability

So now that SP1 for SQL 2008 has shipped, now what’s your excuse for not upgrading your older SQL Server instances to SQL 2008 SP1?


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