VS 2012 TFS Monitoring Management Pack is now available!

A lot of operations folks I come across love the fact that TFS (Team Foundation Server) doesn’t require a full time administer to keep tabs on the environment, configuration, etc. With that said, the usually follow-up that statement with this question: “if no one is babysitting it all the time, what’s the best way to monitor it then?”

The answer is the TFS Monitoring Management Pack. The management pack provides both proactive and reactive monitoring of TFS. it monitors TFS’s application tier instances, team project collections, build server, and proxy servers.

We released the version of the management for TFS 2012 just before Thanksgiving and there’s a management pack for TFS 2010 as well. In order to use this, System Center 2007 SP1 or higher is required.

Here’s the link for the TFS 2012 Monitoring Management Pack. And here’s the link for the TFS 2010 Monitoring Management Pack.