Windows Server 2008 - The only web server you'll ever need

Having built a number of server farms in past lives, installing software is about as stimulating as watching paint dry. I recently found out that we put together a web site called Microsoft /web. It's got a lot of great content about why to use Windows Server as your web server. One thing I found particularly of interest is something called the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. Its a really cool installer that installs and configures core components on your web server such as .NET 3.5, IIS, Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition, and SQL Server 2008 Express Edition. It recently has been updated to include ASP.NET MVC and Visual Studio Tools for Silverlight. That's great from a platform perspective, what about applications? Well, that's where the Microsoft Web Application Installer comes in. This installer provides support for popular ASP.NET and PHP (you read right, PHP) applications including Graffiti, DotNetNuke, WordPress, Drupal, and more. There are also links which will take to you some How-To's to install PHP and MySQL on the box.

So with these installers and guides, Windows Server 2008 could easily be the only web server you'll ever need!


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