ZoomIt v3.02 is out

It’s pretty much a default reflex that whenever I install Visual Studio on a demo machine/environment, I increase the font size so that people can see the code better when using a video projector. But when it comes to the other windows within the IDE, there isn’t a way you change those font sizes.

Mark Russinovich, the creator of all the great Sysinternals tools, has updated his ZoomIt utility. This is a major update to the tool. In addition to just being able to magnify any part of the screen and make annotations to zoomed portion of the screen, it has a new feature called LiveZoom for Windows Vista and higher, which allows not only to magnify the screen you want to emphasize but allows you to work on the screen as it you weren’t magnified. So imagine you’ve magnified the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio to show the project tree, but then you actually right click on the folder to add a new item. Very cool!

ZoomIt302 ZoomIt302-1

I don’t remember if the previous version allowed you to use the draw feature without magnifying the screen, but in this version you can do that. Very nice. The configuration window has also been updated, so you don’t have to look at all the options in one list. Each feature of ZoomIt now has its own tab.

If you do a lot of demos, code reviews, etc. where you’ve wished you could zoom in on a section of the screen but didn’t want to pay for a utility to do it, then Sysinternal ZoomIt is the utility for you.


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