2007 Microsoft eScience Workshop at RENCI

Announcing the 2007 Microsoft eScience Workshop at RENCI


October 21-23 2007

The Friday Center for Continuing Education
UNC-Chapel Hill
100 Friday Center Drive
Chapel Hill NC 27599-1020

The use of computers creates many challenges as it expands the realm of the possible in scientific research and many of these challenges are common to researchers in different areas. The insights gained in one area may catalyze change and accelerate discovery in many others.

This workshop is explicitly cross-disciplinary, with the goal of bringing together scientists from different areas to share their research and experiences of how computing is shaping their work, providing new insights and changing what can be done in science. The focus is on the research, and the technologies that make that research possible.

The workshop will be co-chaired by Dan Reed, Director of the Renaissance Computing Institute and Tony Hey, Corporate Vice President for Technical Computing at Microsoft Corporation.  The keynote presentation will be given by Kelvin Droegemeier, Director of the Sasaki Institute.

We would like to invite contributions from any area of eScience; examples include:

  • Modeling of natural systems
  • Knowledge discovery and merging datasets
  • Science data analysis, mining, and visualization
  • Healthcare and biomedical informatics
  • High performance computing in science
  • Innovations in publishing scientific literature, results, and data
  • The impact of eScience on teaching and learning
  • Applying novel information technologies to disaster management
  • Robotics in science
  • Scientific challenges with no obvious computing solutions

Registration will open shortly, and abstracts will be solicited as part of the registration process.

The deadline for abstract submission is August 1st 2007.

All applicants will be notified of acceptance of their presentation by August 21st 2007; those abstracts not selected for verbal presentation may be presented as posters.

Please send questions to mses07@microsoft.com