Behind the scene w/ Murray Sargent: Math in Office : LineServices

I love hearing the behind the scene action - as Paul Harvey used to say - And now, the rest of the story... from Murray Sargent's Blog....

One of the key technologies behind the high quality display of mathematical text in Word 2007 and RichEdit 6.0 is a special component called LineServices along with its sibling Page/TableServices. In addition to handling math display, various versions of LineServices are responsible for line layout in Word, Publisher, RichEdit, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, FrontPage, Visio, and Vista. It was developed by one of the most amazing teams at Microsoft. Because LineServices is used by components like RichEdit and Vista controls, it’s indirectly available to developers outside Microsoft. The low-level interfaces to run it directly are tricky to use and in general aren’t documented very completely. Microsoft developers who use LineServices generally consult with the LineServices team.

This post tells some of how LineServices came to be and developed over time.

Source: Murray Sargent: Math in Office : LineServices