Blogging in Real Ink – electronic notebook?

Adapx PenEarlier this year I stumbled upon Adapx’s Capturx™ for Microsoft® Office OneNote®image which is a digital pen that captures what you write and then you can upload to OneNote.  So you get all the benefits of Paper and Ink (quick boot time :-), long battery life, etc) but then can upload and get the electronic copy in OneNote – which can convert to text or file with other notes.  In the 9 months I’ve been using it I’ve found it indispensible – it’s my electronic notebook.  The Adapx system uses the Anoto pre-printed dot pattern to pick up the strokes, and since it uses “Rite in the Rain” all weather notebooks, you can really use it in harsh conditions.  So it would be great tool for environmentalists to utilize to capture data in the field.  I also saw their announcement of Capturx Forms for Microsoft Office Excel and can’t wait to test it out as well.