Celebrating an Out-of-This-World Earth Day guest post on Microsoft Research Connections Blog

For Earth Day last Friday I did a guest blog post talking about the great collaboration we had with the Astronomers at the Univ. of Washington to create a Digital Planetarium powered by Worldwide Telescope.  Jonathan Fay (no relation) was the driving force behind on our side has been a great experience working with the UW folks, Andy Connolly, Phil Rosenfeld, and Jake Vanderplas.  If you ever have a chance to attend one of the UW Planetarium shows – I can honestly say you’ll be amazed. 

Celebrating an Out-of-This-World Earth Day

Earth Day - How will you celebrate your environment?

It may seem like an unlikely way to celebrate Earth Day, but this year, students at the University of Washington (UW) can mark the occasion with an exhilarating virtual trip away from our small blue planet, thanks to a unique collaboration between Microsoft Research Redmond and the UW Planetarium.


Celebrating an Out-of-This-World Earth Day - Microsoft Research Connections Blog