Cloud Design Patterns now available

Great news for folks looking for guidance on developing apps for the Azure Cloud – take a look at the Cloud Design Patters – it includes the following

  • Twenty four design patterns that are useful in cloud-hosted applications. Each pattern is provided in a common format that describes the context and problem, the solution, issues and considerations for applying the pattern, and an example based on Windows Azure. Each pattern also includes links to other related patterns.
  • Two primers and eight guidance topics that provide basic knowledge and describe good practice techniques for developing cloud-hosted applications. The format of each primer and guidance topic is designed to present this information in a relevant and informative way.
  • Ten sample applications that demonstrate the usage of the design patterns described in this guide. You can use and adapt the source code to suit your own specific requirements.

Cloud Design Patterns

This guide from the Microsoft patterns & practices group, produced with the help of many people within the developer community, provides solutions for common problems encountered when developing cloud-hosted applications.

    The guide:

  • Articulates the benefit of applying patterns when implementing cloud applications, especially when they will be hosted in Windows Azure.
  • Discusses the problems that the patterns address, and how these relate to Windows Azure applications.
  • Shows how to implement the patterns using the features of Windows Azure, emphasizing benefits and considerations.
  • Depicts the big picture by showing how these patterns fit into cloud application architectures, and how they relate to other patterns.
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Cloud Design Patterns