Cool .NET CF app

 I love seeing interesting uses of .NET CF…check out…SurvivorSoft @Sat Orbitor Locator

Good review of the app at,23094

@Sat Orbiter Locator+ by Survivorsoft lets you easily track space missions from the palm of your hand.

@Sat by Survivorsoft is a nice piece of software that quickly lets you check up on your favorite space missions. With it, you can check the position of various manned and unmanned missions. It will also give you the latest news and pictures from those missions. The Survivorsoft Web site states that you will need to have Windows Mobile 2003 to run currently run the app since it's based on the .NET Compact Framework (SP1). I have tried the program on my iPaq 3765 with Pocket PC 2002. There are some problems and it is quite slow. I'd recommend this only to Windows Mobile 2003 users at this time.


Here are the missions you can track:

  • Mars Rovers (Spirit & Opportunity);
  • International Space Station;
  • Hubble Telescope;
  • Soyuz (ISS return transport);
  • Space Shuttle.