Project Trident: A Scientific Workflow Workbench available for download

Project Trident CTP is now available for download.  Project Trident is a scientific workflow workbench MSR External Research has been working on for the past few years, which allows scientists to analyze large, diverse datasets.  It’s built on Windows Workflow and utilizes SQL Server (Express or Server).  Download it and try it out…

Project Trident

Built on the Windows Workflow Foundation, this scientific workflow workbench allows users to:

  • Automate analysis and then visualize and explore data
  • Compose, run, and catalog experiments as workflows
  • Capture provenance for each experiment
  • Create a domain-specific workflow library to extend the functionality of the workflow workbench
  • Use existing services, such as provenance and fault tolerance, or add new services
  • Schedule workflows over HPC clusters or cloud computing resources


Project Trident: A Scientific Workflow Workbench - Microsoft Research