Pushing Data into WWT - via Excel and LCapi

StickmanUrban2Last week the Worldwide Telescope team put out some tools to support astronomy and earth-system science with a strong emphasis on time-series support and 3-D rendering.  This includes the beta release of new tools and SDK for WWT.  They include:

WWT Excel Add-in - Excel Add-in ribbon to load location and time-based data into the WWT visualization environment. Such data, for example, can include latitude, longitude, magnitude, and depth for earthquakes or latitude, longitude, and magnitude for disease outbreaks. By installing the WWT Add-In for Excel, you highlight and load your data into WWT in seconds.


WWT Client Layer Control API (LCapi) – the API to send datasets (time series, images, 3D models, etc) to WWT Windows client to visualize as well controlling the visualization.   This is the API that the Excel Add-in was built on.

SDK -  documentations, an interactive LCapi sample to demonstrate the LCapi commands,  and image processing tools and libraries to create tile pyramids for rendering in WorldWide Telescope – be it the entire sky or earth or even specific regions.

It would be great to see folks use/test out the Excel Add-in and LCapi and let us know how it works…feedback and questions are appreciated