SciFlow 2006 - IEEE Workshop on Workflow and Data Flow for Scientific Applications

Just saw this call for papers for SciFlow 2006 - IEEE Workshop on Workflow and Data Flow for Scientific Applications in Atlanta - April 8, 2006 - looks really good...

Workshop scope
Today computational scientists across all disciplines create ever increasing amounts of often highly complex data. Generated raw and derived data may come from wet lab experiments, large-scale data-intensive and compute-intensive simulations, or real-time observations e.g. from remote sensors. Technical challenges include not only managing the volume of data, but also the complexity of managing computations distributed over the grid. In order to support scientists in their data management and analysis tasks, scientific workflows have recently gained increased interest and momentum as a unifying mechanism for handling scientific data. Scientific workflows pose a unique set of challenges due to the special nature of
scientific data and the specific needs for large-scale data collection, querying and analysis. The goal of this workshop is to foster a community of researchers advancing the various technical aspects of scientific computing and workflow management over grids. We invite contributions from researchers addressing diverse aspects of this emerging area. The workshop will include regular and short research papers and demonstrations. Position papers are also encouraged to attract discussions on work in progress.

Topics of interest
We invite regular and short papers as well as demonstrations (accompanied by descriptive papers) and position papers on relevant topics, including but not limited to:
* Data management challenges in scientific workflow systems
* Scheduling, resource allocation, and planning for scientific workflow systems
* Distributed and Grid-based scientific workflow systems
* Data-intensive, compute-intensive, metadata-intensive scientific applications
* Highly interactive scientific workflow systems
* Problem-solving environments for scientific workflow systems
* Data and workflow provenance in scientific workflow systems
* Query processing over scientific streams
* Data mining scientific streams
* Caching of scientific datasets and streams
* Semantics in scientific grids
* Interactive and real time management of scientific data
* Archiving science grid data
* Information discovery in science grids
* Case studies of science data grids
* Data, Event, and Activity Modelling for eScience

Important Dates
Dec 15, 2005 Submissions due
Jan 5, 2006 Acceptance notification
Feb 15, 2006 Camera-ready papers due

Program co-chairs
   Roger Barga (Microsoft Research)
Brian F. Cooper (Georgia Tech)

Program committee
Ian Foster (ANL/U. Chicago)
Mike Franklin (Berkeley)
Jim Frew (UCSB)
Reagan Moore (SDSC)
Kian-Lee Tan (NU Singapore)
Marvin Theimer (Microsoft)